The word fibromyalgia (FM) means pain in the muscles, ligaments and tendons, fibrous parts of the body. FM is a painful non-joint condition that predominantly affects the muscles; Its main characteristics were enunciated as generalized pain and an exaggerated sensitivity in multiple predefined points such as "tender points" or trigger points (Galindo, 2004: 171-187). 90% of those diagnosed are women.

The most frequent age of onset is between 30-60 years, although it can start at all ages, including adolescence and old age. For Cobankara (2011) there is a higher incidence in women, elderly workers and low income. Due to the high prevalence of this disease since these patients often spend long periods of sick leave, the economic cost of it is high, making it an increasingly important social and health problem (García-Campayo & Alda, 2004: 157-168) . It imposes a significant economic burden for society (Lachaine et al, 2010; Winkelman et al, 2011), reaching 75% of the indirect costs of lost productivity for the latter.

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